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I'm so happy you stopped by! EMS is licensed and insured so you know you are getting the best.  Photography was a hobby of mine for many years and became a profession about 8 years ago.  After 35 years of medical administration I started on this journey to bring to life the passion I have always had-photography as a career.  Each client is unique and special and so are your needs.  I start with an initial consultation so we may discuss what the end result of your session is for you-how you want to display your wall art and what inspires you.  Getting to know you and what you desire is one of the most important components of our entire journey!  Because to capture the essence of who you are, I must know you first.  So bear with me when I schedule a session to reveiw any questions you have and any I have.  At that time we will go over the contract and you will pay the retainer.  We also review wardrobe, makeup, time and location for your shoot.  All of these components will make certain we are getting the very best for you!   I am always available before your session with any questions you have and you may email me or call me and I will be happy to answer any further questions.  This will be an exciting experience for you and our journey to beautiful images will start the minute you message me for your consultation!   

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Professional Information:

EMS Photography uses high quality professional Nikon photography equipment.  Included is the outstanding Nikon D750 as well as the some of Nikon's best lenses.  This ensures your photo’s are of the highest quality and also high resolution. 

EMS offers the beauty of outdoor ambient light for your shoot.  The “golden hour” is the ideal shoot time and this is about an hour and a half before sunset.  I also shoot at sunrise.  

EMS works with you to capture the most unique results. This may be a family shoot or a portrait shoot of just you, either way, I will work with you to ensure you get the most gorgeous results! 

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow. - Imogen Cunningham


Hampton Roads Portrait Photographer

Staff photographer for Historic St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Smithfield, VA

Volunteer Photographer EDMARC Hospice for Children

Founder of The People of Portsmouth



Professional Photographers of America

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Slice Magazine

Virginia Pilot

Virginia Business Magazine

 November 2013 American Baby Magazine