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Meet the Photographer behind the Lens

 Hampton Roads Portrait Photographer

Betty Sanborn


Meet Betty, the photographer behind the lens at EMS Photography.



It’s a real honor for me that you stopped by.   First of all let’s talk about professionalism.  Because EMS is licensed and insured, you know you are getting the best.  Furthermore you should ask any photographer about being licensed and insured.   It’s a sign of professionals that you should not be ignored.    Your sessions include the taxes I pay for federal, state and local tax requirements. Clients who purchase products will also have to pay taxes.   There are no taxes on any digital products you receive.

Professional Information

EMS Photography uses the highest quality Nikon photography equipment available.  Included is the outstanding Nikon D750 as well as the best lenses.  This ensures your photo’s are of the highest quality. Therefore, your digitals are delivered as high resolution.  As well, you also receive printing rights.  The legal document you receive for printing rights, insures your right to have prints done.  EMS retains the copyright for all digital files.

EMS offers the beauty of ambient light for your shoot. The “golden hour” is the ideal shoot time.  As a result, I do try to schedule more in the afternoon.  Therefore, you’ll get your photo’s to you in a timely manner!

Consequently we will work together for the most unique results just for you! Finally this is my time to capture it all!  Lastly your will get professional art!

“ Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow. – Imogen Cunningham


Hampton Roads Portrait Photographer

Staff photographer for Historic St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Smithfield, VA

Volunteer Photographer EDMARC Hospice for Children

Founder of The People of Portsmouth



Professional Photographers of America


Slice Magazine

Virginia Pilot

Virginia Business Magazine

 November 2013 American Baby Magazine


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